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Orangeburg -Web sites for Orangeburg, its history and genealogy

Orangeburg German-Swiss Genealogy Society - A family history organization promoting the collection and preservation of early records of the people of Orangeburgh Township, South Carolina and their descendants with a focus on the German and Swiss Immigrants of the 18th century.   It is eleemosynary, non-profit, non-political, and non-sectarian.

Calhoun County Museum & Cultural Center -
The History of Calhoun County and South Carolina Presented with a Southern Flair.

The City of Orangeburg
- Official Site

The County of Orangeburg - Official Site
Orangeburg County GIS Mapping - Property mapping

The Orangeburg County Chamber of Commerce - Official Site. Visitor Information  The Orangeburg County Chamber of Commerce is an association of businesses, professionals, and industries and is committed to attracting employment opportunities economically necessary to maintain a prosperous community.  The Chamber also promotes cultural opportunities for all citizens continuing to look at challenges facing the county and ways to meet those challenges.

The Orangeburg County Public Library - Resources - Official Site.  Library resources including research tools:  Orangeburg County Library provides informational resources to its patrons. On this page, you will find links to a wide variety of sites on the Internet specializing in an array of available knowledge.  Please note that the links in the Library Databases section may require you to input a password or other credentials in order to access a given system.  If you need assistance with these tools, please contact the OC Public Library Information Services department at (803) 533-5856 or (803) 533-5857.

South Carolina - Web sites for South Carolina, its history and genealogy

SCIWAY - South Carolina's Information Highway - South Carolina's Front Door - The largest and most comprehensive directory of South Carolina information on the Internet.  SCIWAY is organized by subject area (such as education, government, history, jobs, and tourism), and we have three main goals – to help people learn about our state, to give people a space to create a thriving repository of SC culture and information, and to celebrate South Carolina's unparalleled people and places.

Carolana.com/SC - Almost everything you ever wanted to know about South Carolina, its history and its people.   Very extensive and in-depth information on the state and also includes North Carolina information if you happen to be interested.

Archives Index at SCDAH - Online record index at the South Carolina Department of Archives and History.  This index contains many of the early land transactions in South Carolina, and for those counties such as Orangeburg that were "burned" it is the best resource for antebellum land transactions.

Civil War - Web Sites to research the Civil War

Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System - The Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System contains just an index of the men who served in the Civil War with rudimentary information from the service records (including name, rank and unit in which they served). 

General Genealogy - Web Sites on General Genealogy

Genealogical Resources by Veritas Prep - Genealogical tips and links geared especially for the students and people just starting to research their family history.