Library Holdings

Please read these notes to get the most out of this list: 

The listing below shows the publications held at the Salley Archives other than the family surname files,
          additional listings are shown for publications NOT held at the Salley, but which are available at the Orangeburg County Public Library (a few blocks away.)
The listing does not include the family surname files (clippings/genealogy info) and does not include photograph holdings or other artifacts that are not bound volumes or electronic documents.

You may use the drop down boxes at the top of the columns to do a selective view and you may click on the column headings to sort the entire list by that column.  The list starts out with the publications that are cataloged with a family name listed first by family name, and then all the other publications after by author and title.

Key to the Library Holdings:
Type:  Type of publication, such as Genealogy-Family, Genealogy-General, History, State-Specific(by abbrev), Bible, Cemetery, etc.
Title & Author: self explanatory
Shelf or OCPL Call#: Indicates if the material is located at the Salley Archives OR at the Orangeburg County Public Library.
-----> A one or two digit number and a letter is the shelf location at the Salley Archives, Grey background and a long number is the call number at the Orangeburg County Public Library for books only held there
Family Name: An entry for the same publication will be found for each major family name included.  Note: Family Name is far from a complete cross-reference and is NOT an index.
OCLC/ISBN Link: Where shown, a link to WorldCat Library Network listing.  This will show further bibliographic information and holdings in other libraries around the world

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